Connect Groups at Legacy Church

“People connected together grow together”

Our Connect Group co-ordinator is Jayne Oldbury.
We at Legacy encourage all regular attenders to join a Connect Group. If you have any questions, just make contact with Jayne and she will be more than happy to help answer any questions that you may have.

What is a Connect Group?

A Connect Group takes place normally in someones home every two weeks throughout the year. We at Legacy Church believe it is important to meet with other believers to study God’s word together. It is also an opportunity to do life together in a safe, relaxed and friendly environment. We believe that we are all at different stages of spiritual growth and can help and encourage each other on our individual journeys. These are the benefits of Connect Groups:

  • We support each other in the ups and downs of daily life
  • We pray for one another, bear each other’s struggles and celebrate God’s blessings in our lives
  • We make new friends and get to know one another
  • We encourage one another
  • We grow in our faith together
  • We learn about the Christian life and journey together
  • … and much more
Hosting or joining a Connect Group

If you would like to host a Connect Group in your home just speak to Jayne Oldbury who heads up the groups.